Me...the quick and dirty...

Full Name: Dustin Rowan Curtis
Age: 26 years young baby!
In It For: 11 years
Favourite Area: Anywhere, Fountainebleau, France. The US, Joes Valley, Utah. Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Favourite Route: Dragon's Breath, Luskville. So cool, very, very powerful and techie, a beautiful line, the best in the area bar-none for sure.
Favourite Bloc: Sooooo many!!! Celestial Mechanics, Stone Fort, Tennessee definitely comes to mind cuz that shit don't make sense! Cry For Deliverance, Niagra Glen, Ontario as well, such a stellar problem. Worm Turns, Joes Valley, Utah. So aesthetic! 
Favourite Comp: World Cup in Canmore was pretty awesome gotta say, maybe a tie or close second would be Coyote Rock Gym Tour De Bloc Nationals. Pretty sick problems in both comps!
Inspired by: Climbing: Sean McColl cuz he's just killin it every year. Sonnie Trotter, fellow Newmarket man that he is being all sketchy and crazy with his adventure climbing and still rocking it! Marianne Van Der Steer cuz damn that girl is strong and motivated like no other! Setting: Jody Miall for always bringing new flavour. Tonde Katiyo for always doing something gnarly and of course Jackie Godoffe cuz he's a legend.
Music: Anything. From Taylor Swift to Hilltop Hoods. Not joking.
Food: Oh man I love corn chips!
Book: Lamb by Christopher Moore