Wednesday, 24 August 2011

First Things First...

So, I guess welcome to my blog! Is welcome really the way to say it? I mean you're not really entering a new place (although this is a glimpse into my crazy and eccentric thought process, readers be warned), its still the internet right? Maybe "Hey, what up??! that might be best. So, What Up?!?!? 

I started this blog to convey thoughts I had, to bounce ideas out there for you all to know and comment on, to post pictures of trips and setting and to share my experiences. I don't think that I lead an over exciting lifestyle, or that I am in anyway a changing force in the universe, far from it, however I do know tat I have been incredibly lucky in my life and my climbing, and I would love to share those experiences with any who wish to listen.

I can't promise brilliant writing, perfect spelling, captivating tales of epicness, or even great photos (I'm still learning how to use my camera by the way.) What you will read here is my very skewed, overloaded, highly caffeinated and mostly erratic ravings and some form of visual aid of a rock climbing addict. Enjoy responsibly. 

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