Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Some new stuff from Uncarved Block

 Hey what's up guys?! Hope you've all had an awesome summer. As the comp season gets under way again I'll be hitting this blog up more and more. I wanted to try out this whole video blog thing, let me know what you think in the comments below but huge shout out to Uncarved Block for throwing these holds my way, these are so dope! Now I know I mention it a couple of times in the video but this new texture is so cool. Unfortunately I didn't get a pick of the holds before I threw them up on the wall because, well frankly, I really wanted to just set with these bad boys. Anyways, I stole a pic from the facebook page (I know, so wrong.) Here's a closer look at that texture.

The bottom left holds is blurred out but its the U-turn.

Alright that was a really quick update from me. I am heading to Coyote in 2 weeks to set the years first Tour De Bloc. If you're competing, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys and I'm getting psyched for the rest of this comp season. Alright I'm out. Stay psyched guys, Climb safe. 

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