Thursday, 22 September 2011

Playing Catch Up...

So again, I am playing catch up on all the things that I meant to blog about before I went to Europe and competed on the World Cup circuit (secretly I meant to start this blog before the World Cup circuit cuz it would give me tons to write about, but I couldn't figure out blogspot for the life of me. Not a joke, really, I swear there was at least one night before I left for the World Cups where I was cursing blogspot saying "there are 15 year old's out there that can figure this out, how come I can't?!?!) So anyways, in light of the Season Finale of Summer Sweatfest coming up this weekend, and me, your most lovable and conniving wrench monkey heading out to help out Head Route Setter Aaron Eden, I thought I would address a topic I'm always passionate to talk about and have circumstance to address: holds. Now before we get into the real meat of this topic I want to admit two things. First and foremost, I'm a hold junkie. I spend more time looking at holds than most frat boys spend drinking. I look at holds for at least 2-3 hrs a day, sometimes at work, sometimes at home, sometimes in the hold room of the my gym, sometimes on the walls. I am truly addicted to climbing holds. So with that admission comes a second; I love Climb It and Project Holds. This is not to say that I don't set with anything else or that there aren't holds that I absolutely love from other hold companies (side note Cellulite package from Rock Candy, and the new Half Flats from Teknik; SO PIMP!) but I just think in Project and Climb It. Yes I know I'm sponsored by both and I love both those sponsorship but before my sponsorships I was a big fan of these companies long before we worked out anything. The reason Climb It and Project are my go to holds is because whenever I conceive movement, get inspired or even just simply need holds to put up, these two are my go to's. I had this discussion with a route setter that I work with at the gym and have worked with for a really long time, Jonny Briggs. This guy is brilliant and we have completely, COMPLETELY opposite setting styles. At the heart of that is we both just think in different holds. Anyways, back to the reason for this post, I wanted to talk about the holds I found in a box for me when I returned from my European adventure.

Oh Climb It, you always know just how to make a climber feel special....
Yes! The Climb It Tufas. Not all the holds that were in the box made it into this picture, I don't know how but some of them just made it straight from box to the wall. These holds are pimp. I've actually worked with these holds before, at our Tour De Bloc last year, I'm going to see if I can find any footage from that comp but I am a huge fan of these holds. I did a review on Climbing Hold Review of them and the one thing I can repeat over and over about these holds is PIMP. They're versatile, can make a 5.8 the show of a life time, and make your projects become epic and wicked. They go down as very possibly my favourite hold set ever. The guys at Climb It deserve a huge props for these holds and I wanted to share it with all of you. Kep the psyche, I'm off to go and set the Sweatfest Finals. If I don't see you all there, keep psyched. Peace All!

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